Monday, December 29, 2008

Beautiful Faberge egg bags

Enamel egg bags from Chanel's pre-fall collection

Faberge eggs are back in fashion and they are more beautiful then ever! I tried to find an affordable faberge (if that 'affordable' even fits with the word faberge) Im warning you though once you see these ones they can get addictive. Some affordable faberge eggs are mostly on necklaces so if your a budget babe ClickHere. I am so inlove with faberge eggs. (Want to learn more about these gorgeous creations be sure to check out "Faberge's Eggs: The Extraordinary Story of the Masterpieces That Outlived an Empire". So check them out!

Try these amazing faberge egg styled lockets from Amazon (I love them! There not really the 'real deal' but anything faberge is amazing!)
The wonderful Wendybrandes (jewellery extraordinaire) Confessed she is obsessed with faberge egg lockets ("You know how much I love the real thing -- jeweled eggs that open and display little thingies? So me!)

Both Egg baskets from Stella Mcartney's Summer 09-10 collection

Alexander McQueen Empire Purse, Fall 2008

Goose egg handbag from Pacificunity

Cassorary egg handbag from HandBags

Golden egg handbag by Xtraordimania Silver Swarovski egg handbag by Xtraordimania

Swarovski white elegance egg handbag by Xtraordimania

Arabesque egg bag & Bridal Bouquet bag by Vivian Alexander

Firebird egg bag & Marie Antoinette egg bag by Vivian Alexander

Pics from tlc

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Itsalovelycake said...

These are absolutely stunning! I love them I wish I could afford something like that. I know an old lady who makes them... this has reminded me that I really need to go visit her :)