Friday, December 26, 2008

Catch your ZzZzZzZz's

Being on the never ending rollercoaster of the economic crisis, long awaited presidential race, job market and the ruethless war(s) I am proud to announce my new year resoloution 1# as to 'Get some sleep!!' I know that if i wake up these things will probably still be around but atleast i'll be able to deal with it better. Sleep is essential and im the type of person who wakes up in the middle of the night for food, which is most likely a VERY bad habbit. After a good hour long sleep i'll feel energized and ready to get my but out to work without triping on the house (which i so did not do!) So thats why I mark number 1# on my new year resoloution as 'Get some sleep!!'.
I defiantly need a epic load of sleep, so before than im going to buy a new sleep mask for 2009.
Cat and dogs eye pillows from Wrapables
SleepMask from Breakfast at Tiffany's from refinery29

Deadtired Sleepmask from gama-go

Action Sleepmask by Bibbon

Luxury Sleepmask Fuzzy Creme and Mocha by Bibbon
Panda Sleepmask by yesstyle and Sexy purple Sleepmask by LovelyArt
Open-eye Sleepmask by LovelyArt
Amelie Shut eye embroided satin sleepmask from Wrapables
Cat eye sunglasses sleepmask from Refinery29
Napoleon Dynamite Sleepmask from FredFlare
Sunglasses at night Sleepmask from Modcloth
Barbie Sleepmask from StrawberyJim
Cheetah Sleepmask by PeepersSleepers
Good Night,

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