Monday, December 15, 2008



Ever wondered what it would be like with a flock of birds on you? Well heres a trend you'll just love. Bird jewellery is much like clothes, the type of bird or colours may inflict on your personality but when compared to high-tech goods it is the design that matters. I personaly love the bird jewellery it is phenomenal.

Spring 2009 fashion show: LifewithBird

Little Bird Cage Pins by Fluffington
Little Humgingbird Ring by Space mermaid

Custom Bird Jewellery by Dawn's bird jewellery
( $43.00 for the first 3 birds, more birds cost $10.00 each. To purchase you must email Dawn.)
Rainbow Lorikeet Knecklace by Dawn's bird jewellery

Bird Nest USB from USB Geek

Bird Door Alarm from techchee

Chirping Desk Bird byKotoridayori
Packaging and Shipping may cost extra.

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