Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Enough To Eat!

Food fashion or even edible fashion has been growing through the years and its getting more realistic and attractive! I personally love wearing something close to edible that looks cute and crazy. (Maybe without breaking the budget that is) Even smelling like a chocolate is good enough.

Especially with the economy on a downer its crusial to look for the best low priced (even though we may look cheap, unless if you keep the price secret to the recieptant that's ok. Right? ;D ) Reminds me of when I used to play with my food, or a food fight. You sure would be wearing your food after that!

Chocolate BonBon by La Fille Du Consul

Lollipop pin by Ku-Ki

Cookie pin by Ku-Ki

Icecream, cookie and doughnut rings by Ku-Ki

Cream Hairband by Ku-Ki

Cupcake photo holder by Ku-Ki

Double scoop earings by Ku-Ki

Yummy icecream earings by Ku-Ki

Sweet cupcake earings by Ku-Ki

PeachyKeen Soapsicles by Soapy Love

Nilla Sammie Soapsicle by Soapy Love

Custom scented charms by Tiny hands

Hotdog Earings by Tiny Hands

Cute Earings and bracelets by CoffiShop

Cupcake magnets by joojoo

From Top Left: Hamburger earings, icecream bows, cookie buttons, circus treat necklaces, grap cake earings, doughnut keyring, icecream box, cookie bows by limestick

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