Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Years Resolution 2# Get Organised!

Getting totally organised and balancing fun with work can be a pain in the butt but it allways pays off, it gets easier especially when you have all of your stationary, diaries etc. So number two on my years resolution is get organised! Why you may ask? it is because organising your life is vital to survive those hard days when everything goes wrong. Heres a few examples-
Forgot where your keys are! wouldn't do that if your organised
Totally forgot about important assignment! would'nt do that if your organised
No time for fun! wouldn't do that if your organised.

So i went web surfing for some of the best buys to get myself super organised for 09'
All of the buys shown in Theobsession are available GLOBAL!
Vintage inspired notebooks and filers from nantakajoy

Memoboards and clips from mamutopia
Notepad memo from mamutopia
Cute key caps from modearth
More cute key caps from modearth
All colourful stationary from smiggle
More colourful stationary from smiggle
Also when you buy from smiggle you can buy any diary for 50% off!

Happy shopping,

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