Monday, December 29, 2008

Under $10 January

10 items that are under $10

Amelie Shut eye embroided satin sleepmask from Wrapables Sale $6.99 USD Sale
Napoleon Dynamite Sleepmask from FredFlare $9.00 USD
Teacup keycap from modearth $5.99 USD
Electric Eraser from smiggle $7.95 AUD ($5.32 USD)

Im stuck on you tape from smiggle $o.95 AUD ($0.63 USD)

Quirky postcards from Madamemo $1.50 EUR (1.92 USD, $2.87 AUD)

Black Apple design keyring, rock chick keyring and much more keyrings from
Myfavouritemirror $6.00 USD (8.95 AUD)

Loungefly luggage tag from Chicki $7.38 USD

Funny Talking key chain from FredFlare Sale $8.99 USD Sale

Hemiline colourful stationary from FredFlare $9.95 USD


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